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Mission Statement: HOPE provides compassion, material resources and education to women, both during and after their pregnancies.  We give HOPE so women are empowered to choose life.

Vision: Every mother chooses life.

Values Statement

HOPE is composed of trained volunteers whose purpose is to support women with crisis pregnancies. Our supporting volunteer team is a corps of professional resource persons in such fields as counseling, medicine, social work, nursing, law, and finance.

HOPE maintains the Center of HOPE where any pregnant woman, wed or unwed, may find help as near as her telephone. By placing a call to the Center, she will be helped in every way possible so that she may face the future and plan constructively for herself and her child. HOPE offers help giving understanding and needed moral, emotional and practical support to every woman who requests it.

HOPE refrains from all political activity and from attempts to influence legislation or any other formal formation of public policy through lobbying of any sort.

HOPE provides all services without charge.

HOPE cooperates with established adoption agencies; however, takes no part in private adoptions.

HOPE keeps all services, interviews, telephone calls and records strictly confidential. This is a matter of individual and agency integrity and honor.

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